Production Details: Just So

A twenty-five year project that began with a series of inspirational stories, Stiles and Drewe (Honk!and Mary Poppins) bring us an imaginatively empowering piece of theatre in Just So. Set to an eclectic, upbeat score, Kipling's Just So Stories are woven with wit and imagination into a song-filled journey through the jungle. "Before the High and Far-Off Times…came the Time of the Very Beginnings" when everything was just so, until Pau Amma the Crab, started playing with the ocean. This caused the lands to flood, disrupting the other animals and putting them in danger. While the rest of the animals accept their sad fate, however, Elephant's Child embarks on a journey to challenge and overcome the disobedient crab. Along the way, he meets other animals and discovers how the mysteries of their phenomenon came to be.

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